Our Teachers

SandySandy Chubb – zen name: Rinko-an (trs: dignified graceful light) began zen practice with Yamata (Daido) Hogen in 1987, then with Sister Elaine MacInnes and John Gaynor.  She was appointed Zen Teacher in 2013 and leads the Sanghas of The Oxford Zen Centre in Oxford and London.


Meg Vaughan-Fowler began meditation practice in 1986, joined the Oxford Zen Centre in 1994 as the student of Sister Elaine MacInnes and later, of John Gaynor. She guides the London Jizo Zen Centre as Assistant Teacher.

B company trench, I think2018Mark Hudson worked in L’Arche London with people with learning Disabilities, before moving to Dorset in 2013, where he mentors ex-offenders. Mark started practising Zen meditation in 2008, first as a student of John Gaynor and then of Sandy Chubb.  He is an Assistant Teacher in the London Jizo Zen Centre.

The London Jizo Zen Centre is under the guidance of Zen Teacher Sandy Chubb (Rinko-An), who is present on the long afternoon/evening sits, twice a month. The other sitting days are two-hour evening sits, led by Assistant Teachers Meg Vaughan-Fowler and/or Mark Hudson. 

The London Jizo Zen Centre is part of the Oxford Zen Centre.  Both zendos were founded in 1993 by Sister Elaine MacInnes (Koun-An) in the tradition of Sanbo Zen, Kamakura, Japan. She was one of the first Christian missionaries to be made an authentic Zen Teacher.

The true person is not anyone in particular
But like the deep blue colour of the limitless sky
It is everyone everywhere in the world.

Zen Master Dogen (1200 – 1253)