When body and mind are at peace
All things appear as they are;
Perfect, complete, lacking nothing.

Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253) 

Welcome to the London Jizo Zen Centre.  For those of you who have never practised Zen meditation before,  it is a discipline of focusing on the breath in silence to allow the mind and body to become still.

Its many benefits include greater energy, clarity, compassion, kindness and peace. 

If you would like to join us in The Meditatio Centre (first floor, St Mark’s Church, Myddleton Square, Islington, EC1R 1XX), we meet every Tuesday evening in normal times. We welcome your interest. Please do get in touch with us before coming for the first time. Note that you do not need to come to all of the sits (which are in 30 minute blocks) during an evening or afternoon session. 

A SCHEDULE of Tuesday sitting times for 2022 can be found here and for both London and Oxford zendos 2023 here.